Cedar River Golf Club & Motel

180 West Main Street
Indian Lake, NY 12812



The present owners are Peter and Anna Lou Goldblatt. "Dewey brought the course up to standard," Peter Goldblatt told us, "and was admired as a gentleman and a gentle man. He taught not only the swing, but the rules and the courtesy. When we bought the course in 1986, the grass was waist-high and the grass on the greens was dead, so we cut off the greens with a sod-cutter and started over."

Goldblatt described the layout modestly as a "natural little golf course laid out to follow the river." In fact it is a gem. Number one is a nice 320-yarder over a dip; the second hole is a beautiful dogleg left, with the river along the right, winding through the middle of the course, waiting to receive a slice. The greens are lightening fast by Adirondack standards. At the end of number three you gaze at pristine wilderness across the river. Only the Links (formerly the Lower) course at the Lake Placid Resort compares for scenery, but this is much wilder. The river frames the third green on three sides, then it snakes around so on the 155-yard number four it's hooking and pulling you have to worry about.

"This could be the best Adirondack nine-hole course of all," Ben enthused, and we all agreed that it was definitely up there. Vista-wise, it was the most pure Adirondack track of the summer. The last hole required a near vertical pitch of maybe fifty feet, and is one of the Adirondacks' great elevated finishing holes, on par with those of the Lake Placid Mountain Course and the Barracks. After the round we made a pilgrimage to Dewey Brown's grave, which was right down the road. The headstone read "Dewey Brown Sr., 1899-1973."