Barton Mines is a family owned business that has produced the world's highest quality garnet abrasives for over 5 generations. Founded in 1878 to mine and mill garnet for the sand paper industry, Barton Garnet quickly became the World Standard for sandpaper applications. Over the years, Barton has continued to develop new products, markets and applications. On the way we have created and maintained a strong commitment to quality, performance and service.

Today, Barton produces garnet abrasive products for many diverse applications such as waterjet cutting, blasting, bonded and coated abrasives and specialty lapping and grinding medias. We own and operate mining and milling operations in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

Adirondack Operations
The Adirondack Operations started producing garnet abrasives in 1878 and continues to mine and mill garnet from a unique crystalline "Hard Rock" deposit. A full range of products for waterjet cutting, coated and bonded abrasives and specialty lapping are all produced at this facility. This facility operates year round to meet the demand for quality, high performance garnet abrasives. 

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Barton Mines Company, LLC

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